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HEGEMON**{}** SHARKMAN · 21st Jul 2014
Our first Win!
HEGEMON**{}** SHARKMAN · 21st Jul 2014
All new recruits Read and Heed!
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3rd Jul 2014

All new members are required to friend each member of the coalition. 
All new recruits will send 1 low level reinforcement to each members base( as they can without depleting their own defenses)
All new recruits will contribute resources to either the Hegemon- SHARKMAN, or one of the 2 Generals, Sir William and Monkey Chops. Whomever is closest to their location.
All new recruits, will NOT have multiple accounts, there is ZERO tolerance for this.
All new recruits will view the allies list before making a raid on a city.
Will hold the highest respect for all Infinity Knights, allies, and self.
If I am attacked by an ally or member I will not retaliate, but instead report it to the Hegemon or one of the Generals.

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Forum » Forums » Recruitment
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