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At Peace
HEGEMON**{}** SHARKMAN · 21st Jul 2014
Our first Win!
HEGEMON**{}** SHARKMAN · 21st Jul 2014
At Peace
21st Jul 2014 · HEGEMON**{}** SHARKMAN · At Peace · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

We are now at Peace with Legiones of Kratos, please pull any forces you have off their bases and add them to your friends. Speaking of Which everyone needs to go to the Embassy and add each member of our allies to their friends list. Start with the Hegemons of each. I would also like to see everyone send 1 defender to each Hegemon of our allies.


SHARKMAN **{{{IK}}}**

Our first Win!
21st Jul 2014 · HEGEMON**{}** SHARKMAN · Battle Report · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Congratulations Knights we have won our first Battle!

I am very Proud of everyone that participated. I would like for everyone to get a program called Lightshot, it is free and I will post up a link. After you install it I would like everyone to Post Screenshots of their battle reports in the forums.

Again congrats and a job well done!

SHARKMAN-- Hegmon ***{{IK}}***

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